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Can you tell me a little about your company's experience and business philosophy?

Moonlight Pixels LLC started providing web hosting on the Lil House server on January 1st, 2003. This is not one of those fly by night companies that gets bored and doesn't commit to honoring your contract. Yes, the web design is not the traditional hosting look but I wanted the site to reflect that of a more personalized service provider.

There is a commitment to integrity and providing service you can trust here. I've had the experience with hosts that make you wonder if your website is online and not being able to contact them. It is very inconvenient when a host won't make the necessary changes to provide quality service to customers or make you jump through hoops to get it. Therefore, Lil House is founded on the philosophy that the days of old fashioned service don't need to be forgotten. Your time is valuable and I will go out of my way to make your experience here a happy one. If you need something extra not listed in your package or need a web design service, just ask and I'll either do it at no cost, provide a price quote if I feel it is possible to do, or point you in the direction of some choices.

Poor service is not tolerated here. We will make any needed changes to continue improving and providing quality service.

Why should I pay for hosting when some places have it for free?

Well, the number one reason for paid hosting is service. Free hosts provide very limited help if you need it as well as placing advertising on your site. Banner or popup ads are annoying and many people leave sites that have them without even looking around. Besides helpful support and pages being free of advertising, there are additional features like cgi scripts, extra bandwidth, extra file space, personal email addresses, sub-domains, protected directories, etc. with paid hosting.

Some places are cheaper than this site, can you match this price?

Well, each web host uses different data centers, servers, control panels, and scripts which is reflected in the price as some cost more than others. Still, ultimately I consider the time it takes to run a business and include the cost of support in the price. It is a personal decision that allows me to give more personal attention to clients.

What is bandwidth and why do I need it?

Each time a site is visited, it costs money to display that data for the visitor. Information on your site is important for your visitors to see and sites will be suspended if you go over the set bandwidth. Paid sites have a larger set amount of bandwidth and will allow you to purchase additional amounts if you request more. This is why it's important to choose a plan that has both the file size space and the bandwidth transfer that you will need.

What is ftp and if I don't have an ftp program can I still host here?

FTP is file transfer protocol and this is the preferred method of most web developing software to upload information to a website. If you don't use ftp, you can still host here using the control panel's file manager for uploading files.

How do I ftp files to my page?

This varies depending on the program used but it would need to be published to If your program asks for the host directory, this is asking for /public_html/ which is where all files on your site must be to be viewed.

I use Microsoft Frontpage. Will I be able to upload and edit files?

Yes, frontpage is supported and is available to add on all accounts. If you don't know how to use frontpage to publish your page, please visit

I ordered a plan and need more/less space. Can I upgrade/downgrade an account?

Accounts can be changed at any time so if you start out with too much or too little space, this can be adjusted to fit your needs. It is best to do this before the start of a billing cycle though to prevent paying for a service that you don't need.

Do I need a domain to host here?

No, you can host here without a domain name but it will be as a sub domain (your username). You will have your own cpanel just like accounts with domains. A sub domain ( creates email accounts that look like which will allow you to be able to have whatever email name you want.

Do domains come with hosting and if not where can I buy one?

Domains can be purchased as an additional service to accompany your hosting and one is available free on most yearly plans. Lil' House registers them in your name through Enom and you will receive your own login info to maintain them. Please check the domain page for the current available list and prices. It is also possible for you to register your own through another registrar.

Does buying a domain here allow me to host somewhere else?

Yes, domains can be hosted wherever you choose. Don't let anyone trick you into having to transfer a domain to host somewhere as you can host wherever your domain nameservers point. Just login here with your account info and update the nameservers to the host of your choice.

Can I move my site from another host here and will I have downtime?

Domain sites move on the web all the time. It is simply a matter of reuploading your site and changing the address that your domain (.com, .net, .us, etc.) points. Lil house would set the domain name up and tell you the name server address to use for hosting here.

If you upload your site while still hosting at your previous provider, once the nameserver change becomes active it will point to the new site so you shouldn't see any downtime to the site content. The domain continues to load from your previous host until the nameservers update across the net. Emails on the domain though may be lost in transition so it's best to use your internet provider on your site/forms when you know you will be changing.

What are the name servers I need to use for my domain?

What is url forwarding and can I use it?

Url forwarding is for a domain address to be pointed to a specific page on another if you had and wanted the domain ( to point to a specific section on your site, you could have it point to This means that every time someone typed it would go to Url forwarding is convenient when you have several sites on one hosting plan.

Will you place any advertisements or other graphics on my page?

Lil House doesn't place advertisements or anything that would distract from your site. If you would like to show visitors where you host, there are several official logos to choose from. Click on the sample below to pick it or one of the others up. A text link would also be appreciated but neither is required.

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